Providence Farm Hall is a family-owned venue that sits upon the mountain tops of the Gold Coast Hinterland in the shire of the Scenic Rim. The hall has a rich history, its walls and dance floor have seen hundreds of celebrations over the past 80 years. Weddings, bush dances, music festivals, theatre, art shows and birthday parties are just a few of the events that have been held here over the years.

The McKenzie family were involved in constructing the hall in the 1940's and have been a part of it's rich history since then.  The land was originally donated by the McKenzie family in the 1940s so that the community could build the biggest and best hall in the district.  In recent years Greg and Wendy McKenzie bought the Hall and the land back off the Beechmont community. The community has now built a new multi-purpose hall with sports facilities and a fully equipped kitchen which is now located at Graceleigh Park. 

Today, Greg, Wendy and their daughter Emma and her wife Tegan have re-opened the doors so that everyone can have the chance to enjoy this gorgeous hall and all it has to offer.  They endeavour to keep the prices affordable whilst being able to slowly restore the hall to its former glory.  



Providence Farm is a working farm that provides local produce to locals from locals. For over 100 years the Providence Farm has been a dairy farm and still, today provides beautiful, fresh and natural bath milk.  The happy cows and goats share the paddocks surrounding the hall. You will find all of the produce in the farm shed just 200 meters down the road. This is a truly local experience and if you're interested in patting a cow or a goat or maybe even having a go at milking, you only need to get into contact with Greg and he will be happy to show you how it's done! 

Greg: 0419737295

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